Visit to NYC to explore mission of MSCs

In the past 2 weeks, I have been privileged to go “out in the field” for my internship and meet the incredible women I have been hearing stories of since my internship began. These incredible women are Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, also known as Cabrini Sisters.

I was joined by senior Danielle Alio who is well-known in the Cabrini community as an excellent videographer, and happens to be a good friend of mine. We were both lucky enough to also share this experience with Cabrini Mission Corps missioner and NYC native, Roxanne De La Torre.

The girls and I left on a Thursday night and arrived at Columbus Community, one of several places the MCSs live in the city. We were warmly greeted by Sr. Toni and the rest of the community. Our work began early the next day with a trip to Mother Cabrini High School in the city, then a trip to Dobbs Ferry, NY to visit the Cabrini Nursing and Rehabilitation center, along with Cabrini Immigrant Services. The following day we met with several more sisters i nthe Cabrini apartment, and finally visited Sacred Heart C onvant. At each of these places we met with several Cabrini Sisters who shared with us their personal journeys and how they came to religious life.

As I am in my own personal journey, seeking what it is I want to do with my life, I very much valued their stories of struggle and hardship, and also their stories of great blessings. These women, many of whom are in the last stretch of the race in life, seemed to enjoy reflecting back at the places they have been to and the relationships they have built. They all spoke so passionately about their relationship with God and also their love for the mission of Mother Cabrini. Cabrini herself built a mission under extraordinary circumstances and succeeded in helping people’s lives.  They all spoke on behalf of a word very close to the mission of Cabrini: disponibilita.

Disponibilita is a word that, after asking all of the sisters to define the term, I translate as “the willingness to be sent.” These women have made themselves available to the will of God and trust that everything put in front of them has reason and meaning. I have found this to be so beautiful and, although I’m not a Cabrini Sister, I am a member of the Cabrini family and I believe that it’s not coincidental that I am a student here at Cabrini College but that there is a reason.

I feel as though I may have been sent to meet these people, probably not to become a sister (that is a commitment I have yet to, and will most likely never explore) but to be able to use my communication skills to inform others considering this kind of life what it’s all about. For that, I am grateful to be a part of this process that Nancy calls “vocation promotion.”

Now that we have compiled some really good stuff—video, audio, still photography—we can start making some magic.

I am grateful to Danielle who has given up her time to work with me to help me learn video (filming and shooting.) I will admit, I am overwhelmed with the almost six hours of footage we have from this weekend but I have a feeling we have some sisters praying for us!

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