Meeting the CMCs and serious technical difficulties…

Over the weekend, I was invited to the house of Sr. Grace Waters, MSC to film the Cabrini Mission Corps Missioner retreat. Five of the six current missioners were present (the sixth is placed in the Philippines) and all, as per ususal were warm and welcoming.

Danielle accompanied me yet again in filming the reflective retreat. It was exciting meeting all of the missioners whose stories are similar to mine in that they are still searching for what it is to do with their lives. I am interested in their reasons for joining CMC and am also interested in their values and beliefs. This was an easy job because I felt so at home and like I was surrounded by good people.

This morning, I met with the missioners again to interview them about their journeys. The interviews were set up similarly to the MSCs. We spent an hour interviewing the missioners as a group. It was such a perfect conversation. SO perfect in fact, that something had to have gone wrong… I forgot to press the RECORD button!

Pressing record is as crucial as turning off the stove when you leave the house or flushing the toilet before you leave the bathroom. This was not only the most embaressing experience I can even recall, it was also such an irritating error. HOW did I forget the most important step?

Well, I admitted to my fault right away. Expecting to recieve some negative feedback for my neglect to detail, I was surprised that my boss, Gina was not mad. She laughed at the accident (mistake, really) and told me she really feels these types of things happen for a reason. Well I’d like to give the best boss in the world award to GINA SCARPELLO!

I plan to rearrange my schedule to rerecord the interview because the missioners are willing to do so. I can’t ever complain about my work when I’m surrounded by people like this who don’t sweat the small stuff and who know what really matters.

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