Recognizing the mission of my education, and my role in that mission

Hello again to my followers! All three of you…

This semester I have been given an opportunity to serve as a marketing intern for the Cabrinian Community.

Let me try to explain to you what exactly the Cabrinian Community is. Here it goes…

So there is this “umbrella” that represents this community in which there are several “rain drops” that fall underneath giving the umbrella a reason to exist. St. Frances Xavier Cabrini is the one holding the umbrella…

Mother Cabrini founded the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. As a child, she had always known she wanted to become a missionary and to help people in great need. She, as a sickly child, was not accepted into any religious orders that would help her achieve this dream. Determined, she created her own mission and recruited her own sisters.

As an Italian immigrant traveling the world and eventually settling in the U.S., she recognized the importance of disponibilita, which is the willingness to be sent wherever, trusting that it is the will of God to sent there.

The MSCs have since created other “rain drops” that allow others to be a part of the mission of Mother Cabrini.

The Cabrini Mission Corps Missioners are volunteers who commit a year or more to live in solidarity with the impoverished people of the world. They live in community with MSCs and commit themselves to an openness of a growing faith.

Another drop would represent Cabrini Lay Missionaries. The Lay Missioners are “women and men who live their Baptismal commitment as a special call from God… to love and witness the love of the Heart of Jesus, according to the legacy of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini.”

Cabrini Companions, like the Lay Missioners, are another way to extend the relationship and mission of Mother Cabrini through a different avenue. These people commit to pray with MSCs, for MSCs, and the mission of MSCs.

All of these droplets of rain beneath the umbrella represent a mission and its many missionary people in all different capacities, living out the word of Mother Cabrini and Christ.

Make any sense to you? Because I think it’s finally making sense to me!

I contacted the MSC Vocation Promotion Coordinator, Nancy Costello, and the Director of Cabrini Mission Corps, Gina Scarpello, hoping that I could create a role for myself to a.) Be a part of this mission in anyway even if only in a smaller capacity, and b.) To gain some experience within the field of marketing.

So far, this experience has been educational in many different ways. For one, I have been able to become educated in the mission that my college stands for. I have been able to network and connect with people who are not only valuable to my growth within the communication field, but valuable in a special way that invites me in to see what it is like to use my degree and my skills to be a part of something greater than myself. For that, I am excited to continue in my journey within the Cabrinian Community, and produce work that reflects just that.

 Stay tuned as I reflect on the projects I have been creating and a special trip coming up!



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