A late discovery…

This week at NBC I was able to go out on shoot with 10! Show host, LuAnn Cahn. LuAnn is creating a new segment on the show that’s about first experiences. She is asking viewers to think about something they’ve never had the chance to do and with LuAnn’s help, make it happen.

LuAnn and I headed down to Chestnut Hill where we would be meeting with a woman who is a mom of three and has never been able to decorate a nice cake for any of the special occasions she shares with her family. We arrived at a charming bakery where a sugar artist held a private class for the mom of three.

During the car ride home I was able to get to know LuAnn, a veteran in the industry of over 20 years. She began at NBC as a general assignment reporter and later transitioned to the investigators unit and spent 10 years cracking cases through journalism. Then, she inquired about me.

I have to be honest, after hearing her impressive track record I was very intimidated and almost at a loss of words as to who I am and what I’m about. I gave her a brief background about what school I attend, my major and my experiences with media at Cabrini. Once I began to talk about journalism and my experiences with Loquitur I began to feel more confident, like I knew what I was talking about. I told her that I really enjoyed writing, particularly feature stories because I like to tell people’s stories especially those whose voices aren’t often heard.

Then LuAnn asked, “Kelsey, why are you interning at the 10! Show? Why aren’t you in investigators?”

At NBC, interns who work in the investigators unit are responsible for answering tip reports but also finding some of the news themselves. However, LuAnn described investigators in a way that made it sound right up my alley. She said working in the investigators unit is actually a way of helping people. Not that often do we view news or media as a way of helping a person out.  Sure, we inform people but I don’t think we realize that information and the way it is received can really alleviate many situations both good and bad. People call into investigators all the time about a crisis in the neighborhood and by airing that on the six o’ clock news, we the communicators have the power to raise awareness and perhaps avert the crisis.

After realizing this I was a little disappointed in myself. When I was interviewed for the summer internship, I was asked what department I would like to intern for. I chose 10! Show for shallow reasons like fun, entertainment, and because it seemed like it would be easier going. While it sometimes has been all of these things I do believe I have learned a lot at the show.

With that said, I wish I didn’t just glaze over the other opportunities I could have been a part of at the company.

Lucky for me, LuAnn plans on bringing me over to the investigators unit next week to let me shadow the unit for a day!

My days at NBC are dwindling down to just a few so I am ready to absorb all experiences and lessons that the next few days will bring.

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