Stepping it up

Although I am in fact an official NBC intern this summer, I also am employed at Cabrini College as a paid student intern. I work in the office of Instituional Advancement meddling in work related to alumni affairs and event planning. I spend half of my week at Cabrini, the other half at NBC. This influences me to compare NBC to yet another job experience.

In IA at Cabrini I belong to the non-profit world where donations both to and from current students as well as alumni is a constant topic of conversation. At NBC in the for-profit world numbers and ratings are the usual buzz of conversation.

As I try to clarify in my own head the real difference between for profit and non profit, I come to this simple conclusion: a for profit is intended to benefit its owners, whereas a non profit is intended to further a purpose. When it’s phrased like this, it makes you want to be a part of the latter industry. However, there are pros and cons to everything and I may not be spot on with my definitions. I still have a lot of learning to do. I will say that the contrast of my work week is allowing me to see both sides of the fence.

This week at NBC nothing out of the ordinary happen. On a typical morning at NBC I help with aduience coordination prior to the guests arrival. Then once the show begins taping, I act somewhat of a stage crew person. After the show it’s back to the office to plan tomorrow’s show. I will say that this internship sometimes feels more of a shadowing than a job. We have however been encouraged to generate ideas and contribute whenever possible. In fact, Lu An Chan has even suggested she would take one of us out to lunch if we “presented ourselves the opportunity.”

My former experience with finding ideas for stories was a very successful one. I always had ideas for Loquitur that translated to Loqation. However, my ideas are paralell to my interests and my audience. My interests are often social justice news and campus news while my aduience for those two media was the Cabrini College community. Now that my target audience has changed and the viewers of the !10 show aren’t dying to read about impoverished African nations, I’ve drawn a blank!

This whole experience feels like I’ve switched jobs. I feel how newly hired people must feel when they feel like an expert in one field, and then starting over at a new job in a new territory; just lost. I’ve realized that if I want to find my way through this internship, I need to do a little homework.

Since it’s summer and I’m guilty of having a drifting mindset, I need to put in some extra effort  extra time outside of my internship to really show that my ideas are worthy of condisderation to be a segment on the show. By doing some homework and contributing more, I’m hoping to enjoy the NBC experience a little more.

I will admit that it has taken me a longer time to get used to things at NBC than previous jobs, but I’m beginning to admit to myself that I’m resisting my own growth in this internship. I’ve been presented this great opportunity and it’s time I step it up. It may not be what I want to do in the future, but I plan on sucking out every bit of life’s little lessons in every experience.


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