What can you do about human trafficking? Lots!

Herhseys chocolate earns a D+ on free2work.org because "Hershey is one of the largest chocolate companies in the US and it has not agreed to institute any certification programs to ensure that these labor rights abuses do not occur in the production of the cocoa it uses."

We are only one person in this world of complete chaos that includes slavery. Don’t feel overwhlemed. First things first: shop smart!

By paying attention to what you purchase such as groceries, clothes and electronics, you can actually make a difference.

A new website, still updating itself but a great tool to becoming a wise consumer, is http://free2work.org/

On this website you can filter what it is you’re shopping for. Let’s say you want a new pair of sneakers. You want to find the brand that you know does NOT use child labor or forced labor when making the product. The website will rate the product on a grade scale from A to F. A+ means the product does not use any kind of forced labor to make. F- then means the product is something you should absolutely boycott for the sake of its laborers. Anything in between rates how much forced labor is used.

You can use this site before purchasing chocolate, digital cameras, and clothes for starters. If the item or brand you’re looking for isn’t on the website, you can actually request through the website by clicking “sending feedback” to have that specific brand investigated. Through your requests the website will become richer in information about how you as a consumer can help stop human trafficking.


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    Nice blog post, I’m gonna have to bookmark that site, check out my blog too when you get a chance

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