Pushing and pulling people into slavery

To clarify in simple terms how international problems of abusive labor laws and sexual exploitation affects the U.S., it is a matter of push and pull factors.

For example, people are pushed out of their countries because of horrible working and living conditions. Governments in other poor places of the world do not monitor the working conditions. Workers (both men and women) who run a household and work overtime in bad conditions for tiny incomes and no benefits do not have their voices heard. They cannot protest for a higher wage in fear they will lose any income at all. This causes them to want to leave for the simple sake of surviving

The pull factor comes into play when a vulnerable man or woman is offered the chance to migrate. They may choose to migrate on their own because they are desperate for income to feed their families, or because a scam artist or trafficker may swindle them into migrating with them to another country that looks like a promising future.

However, they are falsely promised jobs, which in most cases are scams of slavery.

These vulnerable people end up migrating or even traveling with people who claim they have jobs waiting for them in another part of the world, sometimes the U.S.

It is when they get to their new “home” that they realize they will not be working or living where they were promised, instead they will be salves of traffickers who need their labor; be it craftsmenship or sex.

As an American of many freedoms and a college student with an education, I see my role in avocating this issue to be vital. I encourage any other person who is educated enough to understand the depths and realities of millions and millions of people’s story of slavery. In addition to understanding and feeling for these people, we must spread the word.

What is our knowledge of this matter if we don’t push the people in charge (senators, governent officials) to do something about it?

Want to see how push and pull factors lead human trafficking to exist in your backyard? See what’s happening now in New Jersey.


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